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 Melody is a member of:
 Portrait Society of Canada
 Saskatchewan Wildlife Art
 Saskatchewan Craft Council

Public Work & Donations

 Sunrise Health Board - For the Gala I donated Doc and Nurse. Doc is from a time  gone by. He is living his dream of being a doctor in Saskatchewans' prairies.  Nurse is a retired lady full of memories of Saskatchewan families and times.

 Yorkton Chamber of Commerce - For the administration dinner I donated Man  About Town. He is mounted on a pillar and again on a newspaper called Business  Week. Leaves blow around him signifying the winds of change.

 Yorkton Exhibition Gallager Centre Auctioneer Competition - Cowboy

 Showing at the Prairie Rim Fine Art Gallery - 2005; Time Travellers

 Yorkton Chamber of Commerce - 8th Annual Premiers Business Dinner -
 Red Shoes - I created the shoes to represent the little girl shown in Madison  Blackstones painting that she did for the Premieres business dinner. The shoes  symbolize her steps as she begins her life on the Saskatchewan prairies. The  wheat standing in them represents the beginning of all and all her future will bring.      
The Chamber Presents the Premier of Saskatchewan, the Honourable Lorne Calvert the Red Shoes

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