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 Melody is a member of:
 Portrait Society of Canada
 Saskatchewan Wildlife Art
 Saskatchewan Craft Council

Biography of Melody Kozmeniuk

     Born in British Columbia, Melody Kozmeniuk grew up surrounded by the natural beauty and spirituality of the countryside. A move to Saskatchewan introduced her to the personalities of the prairies, and the two influences merged in her creativity. A self taught artist, Kozmeniuk has always been drawn to figures and faces, but her sketching evolved into a magical, 3-dimensional form when she discovered the tactile pleasures of clay. The inspiration for her pieces from come within, and the stories they tell are filled with all the emotions of life as they travel through time and space to reality.

"Sculpture is an expression of the soul. It brings me such joy as it truly is a gift from our creator. My inspiration comes from within, it can bring spirit to life, and life to spirit - filled with all the emotions as we travel through time. In each piece I try to bring life to the clay, brining fourth the soul, the spirit, to take the viewer on a journey of imagination places, times, joys and hardships, and accomplishments. In our faces we hold our past, in our eyes our hopes, in our smiles our dreams."
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